I am a neuroscientist and electronic musician interested in prefrontal networks and sound creation.


I am a postdoc in Marie Carlén’s lab the department of Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet. I did my PhD studying tactile sensory perception in the lab of Professor Carl Petersen, EPFL, Switzerland, co-supervised by Sylvain Crochet. I wish to decipher and describe, in biological terms, the brain’s cognitive processes and to shed light on what we refer to as the prefrontal cortex. With the current advent of genetically-designed tools, cutting-edge recording techniques and computational modelling approaches, the mouse model organism is ideal for unravelling the mysteries of the prefrontal cortical regions.


I am also a DJ and electronic music producer. My musical experimentations revolve around slow deep house rythms and comtemplative melodies. Morse is my solo artist name and I am also a member of Cloud People.